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Wind Turbine Towers & Power Inverters

Wind Turbine Towers & Power Inverters

Wind Turbine Towers

The wind turbine tower is an important element of any wind system. Wind speeds increase sharply along with power output the higher the tower and the Hudson Valley is a prime location for wind power. In the Hudson Valley, the optimal tower heights range from 100 to 140 feet. Because the height requirements in the Hudson Valley are so low, the overall footprint of the wind power system is comparatively small.

Four Types of Wind Turbine Towers

There are four types of towers available to mount your Wind Powered Turbines.

Guyed Lattice (GL)
Pro: Best value.
Pro: Easy Install, with crane.
Con: Uses Guy wires.
Available Heights: 12-43m (40-140ft).
10kw only.
Tilt-up Guyed-Tubular
Pro: Easy Install, without crane.
Con: Uses Guy wires.
Available Heights: 18-30m (60-100ft).
1kw only.
Self-Supporting Lattice (SSL)
Pro: No Guy wires.
Pro: Looks Good.
Con: Higher costs.
Available Heights: 18-49m (60-160ft).
10kw only.
Tilt-up Guyed-Lattice
Pro: Lowers in hurricane or typhoon.
Pro: Installs without crane.
Con: Higher costs.
Available Heights: 18-30m (60-100ft).
10kw only.

Wind Power Inverters

A wind power inverter is an important component of any wind power system. Inverters convert the Direct Current (DC) supplied by the wind turbine to Alternating Current (AC). Alternating Current is the standard form of electricity in the United States.

Our wind turbine power inverters allow a wide range of input voltage with energy-saving, low speed power mode to allow for smooth operation even at minimal turbine revolutions. The all new Powersync II power processor (inverter) is the most advanced in the industry and it carries a full UL certification to the latest utility standards.

Smart technology allows the inverter to continue to produce the maximum amount of power even during wind gusts that might otherwise cause over voltage on the grid. This is useful in rural locations during light local loading conditions.

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