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Commercial Solar Solutions

Solar Energy for Business

Reduce your operating costs with a solar system.

Maximum energy output. Lowered energy bills. Maximum return on investment.

Solar Makes Sound Business Sense

There are several advantages to commercial solar installation from Hudson Valley Wind & Solar that offset the initial costs. By adding solar power, you decrease operating costs without cutting into the bottom line, have a revenue stream that can offset business losses and realize green PR by publicizing your commitment to solar energy.

Decreasing Your Operating Costs

In this tumultuous economy, business owners are frequently put in the position of having to examine expenses and make difficult decisions about possible cuts. What could a solar installation have to do with operating costs? Plenty!

By moving the source of power in-house, you opt out of energy payments to the utility company. Utility rates have risen and remain poised to do so, which puts you in the position of having to pay more to receive electricity than you can afford. Even by taking measures to conserve traditional power, you run the risk of increasing expenses paying for utilities at a time when business revenue cannot cover these costs.

Bottom line: Energy expenses add up to a significant portion of an organization’s operating costs and can easily be offset by the installation of a solar system. Hudson Valley Wind & Solar will consult with you on different options available and perform the installation quickly and safely. The result is instant savings on your monthly energy bills, savings that you can put toward needed infrastructure or technological upgrades.

The reduced expense for electric costs add up to a net savings over time, offsetting the cost of a commercial solar installation. Additionally, you may be able to sell back some of the solar energy to the grid, realizing another revenue stream. Or you may store the extra power with the grid temporarily, then use your excess solar power to power your business in the evening.

Solar, an investment with a guaranteed ROI!

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